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Mocking Jay Preview

Just now, I've done watching one exciting movie. Mocking Jay. It is one of the movie series , Hunger Game. I want to make some points from my point of view regarding the movie. At first, I can't figure out what happen to Kennis, where she living and what those people around us to her. What make me curious more, how her mother and her sister, Prim are together with her under the same roof. I thought she is away from them since she volunteered to enter the game. Most shocking, she was separated with her lover. What actually happen there was, he had been mind game with some people that working under Snow's dirty work. He even been injected with a kind of medicine that will make him fear at some point of his moments. The worse part when he was being brain wash to make Kennis as an enemy to him and Kennis has been put blame towards the destroying of district that people living in it. Well, Kennis was not suppose to be put at all fault, only a part of it. However, the proud thing I know in this movie, there are really some of them put faith and believe in her. That are more than enough I bet, for making Kennis move forward to put down Snow, by intend to kill him.

 However, through the underground tunnel, make me weep , a lot of lives of people died there. They die for Kennis, thats mean Kennis are really important to them. Kennis might the hope for them to let the district people alive safe and sound. Even though at the almost end of the story, Kennis found out she had been fool by her squad members team, she thought they tagged along because of the one intend, help to go to Snow's mansion. Yep they might have that intention after all at the first place, but I believe too that they help Kennis as this already been planned out from the beginning of the mission to mansion. At the end of story, she voted yes for killing the Snow - some kind of revenge, during group discussion with victors and important people in some familliar room in mansion. As I expected she pull her arrow and kill the president woman instead. But still, Snow died too, people surround him and killing him by any chance. Finally, she back to her own home, living with her lover. They are making two childs, a baby on Kennis's arm and a yellow-hair boy is playing tag with his daddy at the grass field.