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You Surprised Me

Last night I get a chance to apologize to my friend about some misunderstand thing between us. I'm glad both of us find ourselves at faults and apologize to one another. However, the shocking thing that happened last night made me weep happiness. She said that she want to hang out at my place. She sounds cherish though. I asked my mom immediately about this matter. Mom said yes. Thus, it is a yes sign for her to come. My mind running so fast, I keep thinking what should we do together later, what should we eat, will it be fun, etc.

She said , "Lets buy pizza and eat together". She knows how much I love pizza and I crave it for good in long time. She is the best. She is good in catching my eyes on seeing her best side. I was becoming more exciting after heard she said those. But.. I wondering who is going to order the pizza and will this pizza be deliver to my place indeed?

Apart from that, what worry the more, where should we hang out at? I mean, I'm sleeping in the living room not in the bedroom. I wanna hang out at some place that both of us will be comfy. I don't know where. My mom suggest to use the first room door instead. I guess it is a good idea too but I need to rethink about it. The room is in the mess, totally mess. I need to do some cleaning - sweeping and washing the window. I sort of lazy to do so right now, especially during this my holiday break semester.

What the most important thing here is, I just hope this small plan of us work out soon. I really wanna meet her, letting go the missing term that we have.